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SUMMER TENNIS CAMP registration info here! 

Camps begin June 19th and run for 8 weeks (break for July 4th week).   More info here! 

Registration is open for Spring Juniors Clinics (ages 4 to 18).  Spring Session 1 will begin Monday, January 30th.

Spring Clinic Registration Form here.


Tips for new players to try at home…
Hand-eye coordination is the key to success for a newcomer to tennis, try these exercises at home with your new player (ages 4 – 10) to help get them started:
1) Roll a ball (preferably a foam ball or red ball) to your player, have them roll it back (underhanded, like bowling).
2)  Toss a ball to your your player, have them catch it after a bounce.  Have them underhand toss it back to you.
3) Give your player targets to practice tossing under-handed.
4)  Have your player bounce catch a ball between their racquet and hand (difficult for young players).
5) Have your player practice “bounce-ups” and “bounce-downs” with their racquet and ball.
Racquet size suggested for young players…
Older players can try an adult size racquet, or 27″.
Questions welcomed!  E-mail