REGISTRATION OPEN for Spring Juniors Clinics—

Koko and Heather’s clinics are ongoing throughout January.

Joann and Susan will resume on Monday, January 30th (Spring Session 1).

Tips for new players…

Hand-eye coordination is the key to success for a newcomer
to tennis, try these exercises at home with your new player (ages 4 – 12)
to help get them started:

1) Roll a ball (preferably a foam ball or red ball) to your player, have them roll it back (underhanded, like bowling).
2)  Toss a ball to your your player, have them catch it after a bounce.  Have them underhand toss it back to you.
3) Give your player targets to practice tossing under-handed.
4)  Have your player bounce catch a ball between their racquet and hand (difficult for young players).
5) Have your player practice “bounce-ups” and “bounce-downs” with their racquet and ball.

Racquet size suggested for young players…

Older players can try an adult size racquet, or 27″.

Questions welcomed!  E-mail