Introducing Quarter Court a fun, new sport for all skill levels played on 1/4 of a traditional tennis court with a smaller net, red felt ball, and simplified scoring.

Developed by tennis teaching professionals in North Carolina, Quarter Court appeals to:

—beginner players who have never played tennis.

—older players who are facing aging joints and reduced mobility.

—families who enjoy playing and competing together.

—experienced tennis players working on touch, spin, reflexes and control.

Teaching professionals can use the Quarter Court format to more easily teach new players traditional tennis scoring, skills and strategy, and keep them coming back as they achieve more success with the modified format and equipment.  The perfect springboard to playing full-court tennis!

Tennis clubs & public facilities can introduce this new game to their members and players with Quarter Court socials and ladders, and incorporate the format into round robins and family-friendly tournaments. No major court modifications are needed, all you need is a portable net and some red felt balls!

Quarter Court is currently being played at Holly Tree Racquet Club in Wilmington, North Carolina.  E-mail us!