—A QC COURT is 18′ wide by 36′ in length. One to four 18′ nets (33″ high) are placed perpendicular to the full court’s net to create multiple courts on one tennis court.

— smaller 10′ nets are also available for home use….


—BALLS:  A “stage three” red, felt tennis ball is the regulation ball for quarter court.


—RACQUET:  Any size tennis racquet may be used.  We recommend a 23″ for ages 5 to 7, a 25″ for ages 8 to 10, 26″ for ages 11 and up.  A 27″ is a full-sized adult racquet.  We typically play quarter court as adults with a 25″ racquet for quicker movement.


—LINES (if needed):  The full court doubles sidelines become the QC court baselines, and the full court singles sidelines are the QC service lines. The service boxes can be created by using a line brush on soft courts, or chalk/tape on hard courts (plastic line markers, below, can also be used).

No permanent court modifications are needed to play quarter court on a tennis court, so it’s easy to set up on existing courts!

Download court format details here.

Format/scoring hand-out here.