Fall After-School Schedule at Hugh MacRae

Sign up today for after-school clinics at Hugh MacRae beginning September 1st–space is limited. Whether you’re just learning how to play, getting ready for your middle school team, or starting to play more competitively, the clinics offer a FUN approach to learning to play the game.

The four week sessions will run as follows:




BEGINNER CLINIC, 3:00 – 4:15 pm on Mondays. Ages 7 – 10.
Beginner clinic is for players new to tennis, or those not yet able to hit from the baseline. Clinics will go over the basics of the game of tennis (parts of the court and scoring), introduce forehands, backhands and serving, and work on eye-hand coordination and agility. Clinic is for up to 6 players. COST: $40 for a four-week session.

INTERMEDIATE CLINIC, 3:00 to 4:15 pm on Wednesdays. Ages 7 – 12.
Intermediate clinic is for players who have already had an introduction to tennis, and are able to hit the ball from the baseline. Intermediate players will be working on groundstrokes, volleys, serving and basic singles and doubles strategy. Clinic is for up to 8 players. COST: $40 per four-week session.

ADVANCED CLINIC, 4:15 to 5:45 pm, Mondays and/or Wednesdays. Ages 9 – 14.
The advanced clinic is for players who are rallying and serving consistently, may be interested in or already playing on a middle school team. Students will continue to work on all aspects of the game as well as sportsmanship, and will be guided through more competitive outlets such as tournaments and junior team tennis. Clinic is for up to 8 players. COST: $50 per month for just Mondays OR Wednesdays, ($95 per month for both days).


Joann Bristol, a USPTA Developmental Coach, has been playing competitive league tennis for 10 years. She has also coached girls and boys middle school tennis for 3 years, as well as USTA junior tennis teams, and is a USTA certified official.

Racquet (recommended sizes below, mainly depends on the height of the child)
—For 8-and-under, 19″, 21″ or 23″ racquet
—For 9 – 11, 25″ or 26″ racquet
—For 12 and up, full size racquet (27″)
Water Bottle
Shorts or skirt with a pocket (to hold an extra ball)


Phone 392-7712 or 620-1332


Tennis for Moms!

Sign up now for adult beginner clinics at Hugh MacRae, from 8:30 – 9:30 am or 9:30 – 10:30 am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays. Each clinic must have 3 or 4 players. Will focus on the basic rules of tennis, scoring, basic strokes, and doubles strategy (depending on needs of the group). Find a couple of friends and make your own group, or sign up with an existing group. Great exercise and lots of fun!!

Groups of 3, $12 per person per hour session
Groups of 4, $10 per person per hour session

Joann Bristol
E-mail: joannbristol@mac.com
Phone: 392-7712

Landfall USTA Juniors Tournament

Landfall is hosting a “novice” USTA tournament August 1st – 3rd, which will include newer advanced beginner and intermediate players as well as more experienced players. Here’s the link:

Click here for tournament info—

The deadline to sign up is midnight on July 28th. Your child must be a member of the USTA to be eligible to play. If your child’s not a member, the USTA juniors annual membership fee is $18. You can join here:

Click here to join USTA—

In addition, there is a tournament fee of $38.13.

Questions? E-mail me at joannbristol@mac.com.

KIDS—Learn tennis at Hugh MacRae Park!

There are still openings in the summer tennis clinics at Hugh MacRae Park. Beginners are from 9:15 – 10:15, and Intermediates from 10:30 – noon. Whether you’re just learning how to play, or getting ready for your middle school team, the clinics offer a FUN approach to playing the game. If you’d like, sign up with a friend—clinics are for up to 6 players per session.

Click here for clinic details!