Summer Tennis Clinics at Hugh MacRae

Beginning June 23rd, weekly beginner and intermediate juniors clinics (ages 6 – 14) will be held at Hugh MacRae Park. Fridays are reserved for rain-out make-ups. Up to 6 students per clinic. Emphasis is on learning new tennis skills and strategy in a FUN, low-pressure environment.


Beginners: 9:15 – 10:15 am
Students will be introduced to basic strokes (forehand, backhand, serve), rules and scoring.
COST: $30 per week (series of 4 hour-long clinics)

Intermediate: 10:30 – 12:00
Clinics will build on basic strokes, plus volleys and overheads, reinforce rules and introduce singles and doubles strategy. Preparing players for middle school teams.
COST: $40 per week (series of 4 hour and a half clinics)


June 23rd – 26th

July 7th – 10th

July 14th – 17th

July 21st – 24th
(9:15 am clinic is FULL for this week).

August 4th – 7th
(9:15 am clinic is FULL for this week).

August 11th – 15th

August 18th – 21st


Joann Bristol, a USPTA Developmental Coach, has been playing competitive league tennis for 10 years. She’s also coached girls and boys middle school tennis for 3 years, as well as USTA juniors tennis teams, and is a USTA certified official.

Racquet (recommended sizes below)
—For 8-and-under, 19″, 21″ or 23″ racquet
—For 10-and-under, 23″ or 25″ racquet
—For 11 and up, full size racquet
Water Bottle
Shorts or skirt with a pocket (for second ball)

Phone 392-7712 or 620-1332