Detailed rules & scoring (download here).

Convenient format/scoring hand-out

Quarter Court (QC) eliminates difficult overhand serving, “ad-in”/”ad-out”, and confusing tie-breakers. The red felt ball also bounces more slowly than a traditional yellow ball, enabling beginner players to more easily master the game.


Rules are the same as in traditional tennis with a few modifications:

All serving is underhanded out of the air (no bounce-hit), and cross-court. One player serves an entire game (server gets a second serve if a fault occurs on the first serve).

—Scoring is simple, similar to tennis, love-15-30-40-game, with no-ad scoring at deuce (40-40)—winner of the next point wins the game.

—A match is one set to 6 games, win by one (at 5-all, winner of the next game wins the set).

Two-bounce rule:  All players must begin at the baseline (singles or doubles), and the returner’s ball must bounce before being hit, so no serve and volley!  After the two bounces, either player is allowed to approach the net and volley the ball out of the air.  Players may not touch the net while the ball is in play, or reach over the net to hit the ball.

—in doubles, all four players must start back at the baseline.

Download detailed rules here.